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There is a big bright world out there with a blue sky with a warm ball of fire.... Unfortunately, over 80% of us spend the majority of our days in front of a computer and/or at a desk.

Dull aches and pains in your neck, shoulder, back,  or legs that seems to linger could be because of your office chair. Spending hours at a time at a desk or hunched in the same position can be devastating to your health and productivity. 

Simply put, if your spend a lot of time in a chair or front of a computer and your chair is not ergonomic, then listen up, your spine and your health rely on it! 

  1. Select a chair for its leg, back, arm, and seat support/adjustable. We all come in different shapes and sizes, so it is imperative that you have a chair that is at least arm and seat height adjustable. That 90 degree angle between your elbow and and your hand is crucial for comfort at a computer. 
  2. Choose a chair that matches your style or personality. As silly as it sounds, you'll enjoy sitting in your chair more if its aesthetically pleasing to you. Stay away from modern chairs that have no ergonomic functions or thin padding. 
  3. Adjust! Once you select an ergonomic chair that suits your needs, have it adjusted to what is most comfortable when you FIRST arrive in the office (our position changes throughout the day as we hunch at our desk). It is very important to make sure your adjustments are comfortable in the morning. However, throughout the day, you can adjust the settings to match your current body "mood". 

Ergoform Office Furniture Canada provides an extensive list of ergonomic and comfortable chairs. We are passionate about comfortable office furniture and at a great price. Your productivity will increase when you have a comfortable chair. Last but most importantly, your health (physical and mental) is the most important thing to consider when investing in an ergonomic chair.